Native American Cross Stitch - 50191

This beautiful book is now again available! We have a limited supply, so be sure to not miss out on getting this gem this time! It is an exceptional book with complicated as well as easy patterns all presented in full color. Native American Indian arts and crafts are an incredibly rich source of inspiration for cross stitch designs. Many designs were picked from the finest work by many tribes. Each of the three sections opens with a large vibrant portrait, of Red Cloud, another Sioux warrior and a Nez Perce tribeswoman. Each could be worked for a full season. Other projects include a Navajo rug, a Cree friendship bag, dancers, pottery, sand paintings, buffalo skull and much, much more. by Julie Hasler - 128 pp., 8x11, bibliography,suppliers, index.
  • Author: Hasler, Julie
  • Reading Level: Youth/Adult
  • AR N/A
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